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All About the Tapping Cure

What is the tapping cure?

This tapping technique puts the improvement of your emotional health in your hands – literally. No talking is necessary. You don't have to dwell on your childhood, your traumas, or your toilet training.
This is a one-session treatment and you can do it yourself. You learn how to calm yourself and how to chase away unwanted feelings.

Tapping Techniques

Think about what you do to calm yourself when you are upset. Do you look for a hug from mom? Do you bite your cuticles? Do you nervously twirl your ring around your finger? Do you hold your head in your hands? Rub your temples?

Most people intuitively locate a spot on their body that they touch or rub or tap in order to feel calm. Usually, people dont even realize they are doing this; it is an automatic self-soothing behavior.

It has been determined that there certain spots, called acupressure points, that when tapped do help most, but not all, people feel better. Those spots include your sides the spots where you are hugged; your fingernails the spots where you might bite a cuticle; the back of your hand, near your ring finger the spot where you might twirl your ring; the bones under your eyes the spots your fingertips would touch when your head is in your hand; and several other spots including your temples, your collarbones, and the sides of your hands.

Researchers believe that when a thought or memory is strong and causing you a lot of emotional pain that thought or memory is ripe for change. If you feel the pain, talk about it aloud, and at the same time tap on the right spot, usually the emotional impact is eliminated.

Let's say you see a doughnut and you really want it but you know it is not on your program. But your craving persists and now you are upset. Try this: Tap on the bone under your eyes while saying, Even though I want a doughnut I am okay without it And then repeat the sentence and tap your collarbone with four fingers of one hand. Alternate tapping under your eye and tapping your collarbone, repeating the sentence each time.

In this technique you say the food you are craving and then say that you are okay without it, while tapping and while feeling the craving. Your craving will disappear!

You can also use this technique when you are upset about something else. When something is seriously bothering you tap on those two spots under eye and collarbone and say aloud that even though something is disturbing you, you accept yourself. There are many acupressure spots and many ways to create helpful sentences. Fool around with this a bit until you come up with the right sentence and the right tapping spots for you. For help see my book, "The Tapping Cure", or any of the other books about energy psychology or acupressure points.

How to do the Tapping Cure

All you need to do for this self-help method is to describe what is bothering you in one sentence.
For example, you might say, I am so upset by my next-door neighbor that I want to move.
Next, you add a two-word opening and then an ending to that sentence.
The opening is Even though.
The ending is I am strong enough to get through this.

So your full sentence would be:
Even though I am so upset by my next-door neighbor that I want to move, I am strong enough to get through this.

Create your healing sentence now:
Even though ________________________________________
I am strong enough to get through this.
There are 14 healing spots on your body. Tapping on all of them is a good way to guarantee your success. For now, though, try just tapping on your collarbone while you say your sentence aloud.
You may tap with the fingers of either hand on either collarbone.
Repeat the sentence three times, all the while continuing your tapping.
Take a deep breath when you are finished and you may be pleasantly surprised to note that you no longer are troubled.
If you are not yet cured then pick up a copy of my book, The Tapping Cure, and try tapping on some of the other indicated tapping spots.

If you need help constructing your sentence you may wish to have a session with a tapping practitioner. Or, you may contact me for a session by phone and I will guide you through the process – or you may come to my office if you are in the New Jersey area.

Remember, tapping can help you change your life. You deserve a satisfying life.